Algomate Trading Products:

Allows users to combine and customize how they want to interact with their accounts across exchanges.


  • Create Charts to track Prices, your Balances or every tick on your favorite trading pair.
  • Customize how you see Price Boxes, market Trades and Order Books
  • Track and see your assets across all connect exchanges with various Reports

Allows users to create and backtest AlgoMates! In the near future we will begin adding in all of the features users love from the Desktop Trading Terminal.

  • Create and run AlgoMates (we’ll let you know if you have compilation errors)
  • Backtest your AlgoMates and see how they would have done historically.
  • Manage your running AlgoMates


Create a martingale strategy, instead of selling a large block – break it up into 20 smaller orders. Use conditions based on your account balances or any multi-conditional orders you can dream up.

For the user who doesn’t want to have to use a platform, many of the Algomate APIs are exposed so you can interact with the features available.

  • Interact with Tick,Volume, Order Book and Trade Data
  • Interact with account balances
  • Place orders
  • Push up a created AlgoMate
  • Run a backtest

Algomate subscription pricing

all subscription levels come with: Terminal access, Dedicated Order Routing, Access to subscription level Server,
and the framework access to create Algos


Per Month
  • 1 active order5 AlgoMate max


Per Month
  • Unlimited Orders5 AlgoMate max

Trading Group

Per Month
  • Unlimited OrdersUnlimited AlgoMates


Per Month
  • Unlimited EverythingDedicated Support

How do I Algomate myself?

As a client you receive:

Your own dedicated cloud machine, which contains an encrypted database to store your Trades, Balances, Scripts, Orders and Reports.

A Trade Executioner, who handles all of the actions required and scheduled by your AlgoMates.

Access to Market Data (we consume data via websocket and REST API from the exchanges we support — don’t see yours? Request it!).

How to begin?

Connect to your accounts using your API keys from your favorite exchanges (if we don’t have them, we’ll add them)

Once you input your API keys*, you aren’t able to access them again, we do this for security purposes. Your API keys get encrypted and shipped off to your dedicated Trade Executioner (it only uses them when necessary).

Get The Algomate Platform
(available for windows) / web
* If you don’t put in keys, you will still be able to view data as “Read only” and won’t be able to create trades until you input keys Once you’ve connected to your exchange accounts, you can create Trades and Run AlgoMates.