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Alpha Release 0.5.125

Product Notes:
ATP - Algomate Trading Platform's current alpha release includes the ability to manage algos through the the web portal, as well as being able to manage through the C# application.

We will continue to expand the web application into mirroring the features contained in the C# application.

Currently only available for Windows.

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Product Features

  • Oversee and manage your balance across exchanges
  • Add your API keys to trade through ATP
  • View your balances and orders across all exchanges
  • View/Export trade history in one platform
  • Create Market, Limit,Stop ro Complex Orders
  • Create automated strategies through the C# application or web framework across one or multiple exchanges
  • Explore Price Data across multiple exchanges on one chart

Subscription Levels


$50 / month

The bronze subscription includes:

  • Terminal access
  • Dedicated Nano Order Routing
  • Access to Price Server
  • Framework access to create Algos



$200 / month

The silver subscription includes:

  • Terminal access
  • Dedicated Micro Order Routing
  • Access to Price Server
  • Framework access to create Algos



$2500 / month

The gold subscription includes:

  • Terminal access
  • Dedicated Medium Order Routing
  • Dedicated Price Server
  • Framework access to create Algos


Coverage of Coins:

Current List of Exchanges

  •   Bitfinex
  •   Bitstamp
  •   GDAX
  •   Gemini
  •   Kraken
  •   Poloniex
  •   WEX

  • Contact Us to request specific exchanges.

Algomate ingests price feeds on all tickers available from cryptocurrency exchanges.

When websockets are available, we pass through the feed and when polling is available we employ a system in order to mimick a websocket feed.

Algomate provides the feeds for consumption via FIX protocol.

We are in process of expanding our coverage and the website may not reflect current state, please refer to our product documentation or feel free to contact us.

Level One

Polling Data

Clients will receive an API key allowing them to submit poll request on an exchange and pair.

Currently we support 8 exchanges and our own proprietary cryptocurrency feeds comprised of blended averages of the underlying pairs using price and volume as inputs.

Level Two


Clients will receive credentials to connect to our price server and get a feed of pricing data in real-time.

We currently support 8 exchanges through our own websockets leveraging websocket and polling exchange technologies which we've sped up polling to match websocket speed.

Level Three

Dedicated Server

Clients will receive a credentials to a dedicated price server with the option of launching it on a server of their choice.

A dedicated machine will be managed by the Algomate team; on site deployments will have the option for updating and verifications will be made against subscription state.

High Frequency Trading

Algomate offers customers the ability to use it's order routing system using multiple computers to route orders, preventing throttling and geo-restriction.

Let us manage your multi-machine deployment or alternatively deploy the software across your own machines.

Additionally if you have large trades, Algomate partners with Execution desks to give best execution at the lowest prices.

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