The Algomate Trading Platform

Our Trading Platform

Automated Strategies

Create automated strategies utilizing our ( get example ) C# application and web framework across one or multiple exchanges.

Price Comparison Charts

Explore Price Data across multiple exchanges / view pries across mutipul exchanges for discrepencies / on one chart.

Manage Multiple Exchanges

Oversee and manage your balance across exchanges. you can see everything in one view rather than all of your separate accounts, in a master view with your balances and orders across all exchanges

Execute Complex Orders

Create: Market, Limit, Stop limit, ro, and other custom Complex Orders samlessly on out platform.

Make Trades

Add your API keys to trade through the Algomate trading platform and utilize automated trading stragaties.

Export Trade History

View/Export trade history in one platform into a downloadable report ( need screen shot or sample report ).

The AlgoMate Trading Platform’s current alpha release includes the ability to manage algos through the the web portal, as well as being able to manage through the C# application. We will continue to expand the web application into mirroring the features contained in the C# application.

Custom order routing

We can manage an deploy systems to help you nevagate exchange systems to quickly and efficently place difficult high frequency trades and circumnavigate geo restrictions to get your orders filled.

Crypto Feeds

accessed through financial information exchange protocol and can be viewed all across multiple exchanges.

AlgoMate ingests price feeds on all tickers available from cryptocurrency exchanges. When websockets are available, we pass through the feed and when polling is available we employ a system in order to mimick a websocket feed. AlgoMate provides the feeds for consumption via FIX protocol. We are in process of expanding our coverage and the website may not reflect current state, please refer to our product documentation or feel free to contact us.

Binance – Bitfinex – Bitstamp – Bittrex – BitZ – CoinBasePro – Gemini – HitBTC – Huobi – Kraken – OKEX – Poloniex

Algomate Encryption

How do I Algomate myself?

As a client you receive:

Your own dedicated cloud machine, which contains an encrypted database to store your Trades, Balances, Scripts, Orders and Reports.

A Trade Executioner, who handles all of the actions required and scheduled by your AlgoMates.

Access to Market Data (we consume data via websocket and REST API from the exchanges we support — don’t see yours? Request it!).

How to begin?

Connect to your accounts using your API keys from your favorite exchanges (if we don’t have them, we’ll add them)

Once you input your API keys*, you aren’t able to access them again, we do this for security purposes. Your API keys get encrypted and shipped off to your dedicated Trade Executioner (it only uses them when necessary).

Get The Algomate Platform
(available for windows) / web
* If you don’t put in keys, you will still be able to view data as “Read only” and won’t be able to create trades until you input keys Once you’ve connected to your exchange accounts, you can create Trades and Run AlgoMates.