Question How does Algomate encrypt data?
AnswerOur top priority is securing all account-related information and access to accounts, and we are continually improving our security policies and procedures.

Note that we cannot disclose every detail of the security measures implemented on the platform to preserve the safety of the system.

Question How are my API Keys stored?
AnswerExchange account keys are never transmitted or stored in plaintext, and are only ever decrypted when needed in memory.  Encryption keys, account information database, and script processing machine are unique to your account, maximally isolating each client.
Question How is Algomate API Access safeguarded?
AnswerAll trading and market data endpoints are protected using payment industry best practices to prevent leaking sensitive information or allowing malicious attackers to compromise client accounts.  For example, all website traffic runs over HTTPS encrypted SSL.
Question How are servers protected?
AnswerAlgomate servers are protected using always up-to-date software as patches are released.
Question Do you store my Credit Card?
AnswerAlgomate does not store any credit card information, BlueSnap is our payment provider and will bill monthly according to information passed into their system.

For more information about their policy see their Terms and Conditions.