Hey All,

JP here, from team Algomate. I wanted to share a couple of updates with you and tell you what we are currently working on and what the timing of them will be.

  1. We are working on getting you guys a “BEST FILL TOOL” – this tool will be configurable as read only or executable. The tool will look at the order books of all exchanges (or your exchanges) and give you a price for a large scale purchase across the markets we cover. Additionally users will be able to cherry pick exchanges to use and create and run an AlgoMate to execute immediately.
  2. We are also work on a “TAX REPORT” – this will value back to fiat and quote currency, so you can track your cost basis easily. It will also calculate gain or loss based on a FIFO, LIFO and average price. Stage 1 will cover the exchanges we support and we will add support for manual trade inputs or bulk imports.
  3. Very excited to share that our DeX in a box prototype is getting pretty close. Higher tier users will be able to create a DeX (that will be listed in the DeX exchange list) and create products.

Look forward to feedback!



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